Halal/Muslim food experience in Yangshuo, China

Last night I went for a stroll down Pantao Lu. My final destination was Gans noodles, a restaurant I frequent on an almost daily basis. As I walked down the street pondering my next hair cut and smiling at the cute Chinese children diligently doing homework, my only dream was a bowl of fried noodles. My dream turned to nightmare when I saw that Gans was closed and I would have to change my plan.

Luckily there is many restaurants on that street and I went into one that had a similar sign to Gans. The boss spoke no English so after some very bad Chinese and a whole mess of pointing I asked the most important question you can ask a restaurant owner. Nǐ xǐhuan ma ? which basically mean “you like”? I probably should of said “Nǐ xǐhuan shénme?” but I was in a foxhole with no way out I had only a few minutes to make up my mind I didn’t want to upset the boss. Anyway the boss pointed at a picture of noodles with potato I agreed and sat down. Looking around the place I saw Arabic writing. I usually eat Arabic food in Ireland and it is delicious. I waited while the man handmade the noodles and the woman fried up the rest in the back. When it was ready it came with some delicious soup and I got some ice tea.

The soup took a while because it was so hot but really tasty. The noodles where magnificent! The flavors where perfect from the juicy peppers, tasty meat and the potatoes where just right! I usually don’t eat much meat here in China but I must say this meat was the best I have had in China. This place is definitely recommended. If you are in Yangshuo and want to try it out drop into Omeida Chinese Academy and I will draw you a map or drop you down on my scooter if I have time.

Pantao Lu. Halal place is 3 mins walk and on the right

Pantao Lu. Halal place is 3 mins walk and on the right



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