Out and about Yangshuo


Yangshuo is a great place to go. There is always things to do here. Whether you come here to learn Chinese, rock climb or just for a short holiday you are bound to make some great friends. Here at Omeida many of our students have made good friends that they keep in contact with when they return home. A great thing to do here is find a partner or two and go exploring the countryside. This is a very relaxing experience but it is also very rewarding. You will be taken aback by the magnificent limestone pinnacles that spring from the land in a way unseen elsewhere in the world. The local villagers will welcome you with open arms and it is not unusual for a local elder woman to walk around and explain the local village/area to you. This can be utterly fascinating if you are in the company…

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Rock Climbing trip with Omeida

Great day out in Yangshuo


Last Friday over a few beers at the Black Rock cafe and bar some students decided it would be a good idea to go rock climbing. We spoke to the owner and planned to climb that Sunday. The group was Simon(Denmark), Katrin(Germany) and Francis(Switzerland). Katrin had previously climbed and was excited to get out. The others also wanted to try out climbing. Unfortunately on the morning of our climbing adventure Simon fell ill. Luckily Chinese teacher Wency decided to join. So we got some snacks and water and headed to Swiss Cheese crag.

When we got to Swiss Cheese the weather was gorgeous. Everyone warmed up while Aaron and the guys from Black Rock climbing put up the ropes for the group. The first two routes where no match for the guys and they climbed up like monkeys. The next two routes were more difficult. Noone could get past a…

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Halal/Muslim food experience in Yangshuo, China

Last night I went for a stroll down Pantao Lu. My final destination was Gans noodles, a restaurant I frequent on an almost daily basis. As I walked down the street pondering my next hair cut and smiling at the cute Chinese children diligently doing homework, my only dream was a bowl of fried noodles. My dream turned to nightmare when I saw that Gans was closed and I would have to change my plan.

Luckily there is many restaurants on that street and I went into one that had a similar sign to Gans. The boss spoke no English so after some very bad Chinese and a whole mess of pointing I asked the most important question you can ask a restaurant owner. Nǐ xǐhuan ma ? which basically mean “you like”? I probably should of said “Nǐ xǐhuan shénme?” but I was in a foxhole with no way out I had only a few minutes to make up my mind I didn’t want to upset the boss. Anyway the boss pointed at a picture of noodles with potato I agreed and sat down. Looking around the place I saw Arabic writing. I usually eat Arabic food in Ireland and it is delicious. I waited while the man handmade the noodles and the woman fried up the rest in the back. When it was ready it came with some delicious soup and I got some ice tea.

The soup took a while because it was so hot but really tasty. The noodles where magnificent! The flavors where perfect from the juicy peppers, tasty meat and the potatoes where just right! I usually don’t eat much meat here in China but I must say this meat was the best I have had in China. This place is definitely recommended. If you are in Yangshuo and want to try it out drop into Omeida Chinese Academy and I will draw you a map or drop you down on my scooter if I have time.

Pantao Lu. Halal place is 3 mins walk and on the right

Pantao Lu. Halal place is 3 mins walk and on the right


Great fun in Yangshuo

Omeida Chinese Academy is the number one place in Yangshuo to learn Chinese. With any education center it is important to Study but also important to have fun. We have some snaps from the past month to get you excited about coming to Yangshuo!!

Learn Chinese

View from Yangshuo TV tower


Pantao Lu

Liz at dragon Bridge

Liz at dragon Bridge

Things to do Yangshuo town

Relaxing cup of tea in Yangshuo

View from Front door

View from Front door