Cycling in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is know for its beautiful scenery and laid back lifestyle. So its no wonder that cycling is a big deal here. There are many places to rent bicycles here for cheap (7rmb) but for a real cycling adventure there and also great cycling guide services to use where you can rent a well serviced mountain bike for 30rmb.

Since cycling goes back such a long way in Yangshuo many excellent guiding services have sprung up here. If you come to Yangshuo at least one day of cycling is a must. If you know how to get around and are a keen cyclist get yourself a good bike and a map and get going. If not you can get a guide to take you to some beautiful scenery and you will also have to chance to meet locals and see how they life which is a very humbling experience if you come from a place like New York or London.

Things to do Yangshuo

Cycling Yangshuo

The locals are very friendly and nice so expect shouts of “hello” from school kids as you whiz down a hill or trudge up another. On a beautiful day here you can very much feel like your dreaming and you look around at the peaks and rivers. Cycling experiences are not always equal though and instead of floating down country roads and sitting under trees by the river drinking green tea you can find yourself on a busy road on a terrible bike a million miles from tranquil streams and cycling bliss.


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