Rock Climb

Yangshuo is a world class rock climbing destination. There are many great guiding services that will take you out,rent you gear or give you advice on what to climb. The climbing scene in Yangshuo is lively and it is very easy to find fellow climbers to go to the crag with. Over the last twenty years the Yangshuo sport climbing scene has exploded. There are many local guide services available. If you are new to climbing it is nice to visit some of the beginner areas such as wine bottle crag. Here you can meet other travelers and have a great laugh cheering each other on. Depending on what level you are at and what experience you want there is more advanced climbing and secluded spots where you can lay about and climb when you want.

If I was to give advice I would not use the roadside operations as they seem to just churn customers rather than taking them to a nice place and really looking after them . The guides around town are great and good idea is to pop into the shop have a chat to the staff in a few shops and then choose which ever one you think understands your needs. Climbing in Yangshuo is very safe and guide services will make you feel as comfortable as possible when scaling the heights and coming back down to Earth.

Black Rock Climbing Yangshuo

Rock climbing in Yangshuo

If you are into climbing and want to do a climbing course Yangshuo is a great place and also much cheaper than the west. If you get in touch with a guide company they can help you get a place to stay, tell you where is best to eat and of course teach you new skills on the rock. This translates greatly to teamwork skills and a company planning a trip to climb together will definitely feel closer after relying on each other to hold the ropes.


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